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Lonely Joe Parker

"Rum-soaked, punk-rock, saddle-sore troubadour-in-rags."

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Acoustic punk-in-disguise LONELY JOE PARKER began his career with indie-rock kids The Power, but after festival appearances and national airplay he put down his electric guitar and set out alone last summer to discover 'a more interesting way to tell stories in sound'.

His bold, performance style harks back to Billy Bragg, while musically he owes more to Pavement, Broken Social Scene and The Clash. “I quickly realised that I wasn’t very good at the guitar,” he explains, “at least, not good enough to be A Guitarist. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, either – you can make just as good a racket with two fingers on a fretboard, you just got to know which ones!”

Listen to him for a few minutes, though, and it’s his voice that really shines. Distinctive and yet recognisable; delicate and yet powerful; artfully deployed but full of tension and danger, it captivates audiences instantly. 0As his growing live reputation across the UK proves, melody, harmony and performance make a potent combination and Lonely Joe Parker has already supported significant artists such as BAND OF SKULLS, MY LUMINARIES, STORNOWAY, THE MOULETTES, EDWARD J HICKS and THOMAS TANTRUM in his burgoning solo career.

Having toured the UK by bicycle in September and eastern US seaboard in October / November, he returns to touring this spring with a new split EP with Jackie Paper (Thomas Tantrum) for Sotones.

“A fuzzy thrash with a summery pop heart, a modicum of silliness and some great pots and pans drumming.” – Nightshift

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Releases (4)

Shanty (single)
Price: £1.79
Released: 2010-03-08

What's Wrong With Broken Glass
Price: £4.99
Released: 2009-07-28

Exile's Sketches
Price: £19.99
Released: 2008-05-01

Ten Friends LP
Price: £3.00
Released: 2006-09-01

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